Tuesday, January 19, 2016

When Will Delivery Drones Hit US Skies?

No date is determined but commercial use of a drones will not be permitted in US airspace before 2018.  NASA/FAA presents the following test plan for the public,

UTM TCL 1: Concluded field testing in August 2015/
ongoing testing at FAA site. Addressed rural UAS
operations for agriculture, firefighting and infrastructure
monitoring. In this TCL, the UAS ground pilot reserved
the airspace and adjusted the flight plan if notified of
a conflict.

• UTM TCL 2: Tests in October 2016 to address beyondvisual
line-of-sight operations in sparsely populated
areas, and provide flight procedures and traffic rules for
longer-range applications.

• UTM TCL 3: Tests in January 2018 to include cooperative
and uncooperative UAS tracking capabilities to ensure
collective safety of manned and unmanned operations
over moderately populated areas.

• UTM TCL 4: Test dates to be determined. Would involve
UAS operations in higher-density urban areas for tasks
such as news gathering and package delivery, and largescale
contingency mitigation.

There are always some exceptions like the FAA's Section 333 exemption permitting limited commercial use of drones for some approximately 3000 applicants.

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