Wednesday, March 2, 2016

REVIEW: Lumenier Neoprene Landing Pads

Have a small(<300mm) racing or acro quad and want a landing gear solution?  I found these Neoprene Landing Pads by Lumenier online.  The back of the pad comes with plastic tape covering an adhesive service.  Pull off the tape and stick to the underside of your quads arms.  That's it.

Landing carbon fiber on any kind of hard service can loosen bolts so absorbing the shock is important.  This is one of the reasons I never like the carbon fiber clip type landing gear shipped in the quad kits.  I purchased several neoprene landing kits from in the event one I loose a pad.  So far none have fallen off.  I think these will be popular with all except the most hardcore racers.  Another benefit is that the pads are very low profile and unlikely to get snagged on objects in proximity flights, very important.  The pads are sold in a 4-pack for around $4US and weigh around 1g for 4.  A great low cost upgrade anyone can do.  Thumbs up!

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