Friday, August 19, 2016

Impressions of Furious FPV True-D Diversity Receiver

One word, awesome!  You can grab yours on the companies web site,  The gear in this hobby is changing so fast it's difficult to keep pace.  Not long ago I wrote an article describing a diversity receiver build out I did using a small camera bag, Portable FPV Microwave Ground Station in a Backpack.  Now the Furious FPV module that fits into my Fatshark goggles eliminates the need for a backpack full of electronics.  I'm still carrying the backpack but now I can haul more batteries, water, etc.

I like having diversity with the lightweight benefits of google flying.  The quality is similar to my ImmersionRC Duo 5800 V4 without all the extra bulk.  I don't have any of the diversity video to share just yet just sharing a few initial impressions.

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